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Meanwhile in Mamelodi

The Invisibles / Die Unsichtbaren

Between Rounds / Zwischen den Runden


Franz Kafka’s dog, unjustly ignored by literary scholars, guides us through today’s prague and clarifies the question of why Kafka still embodies world literature today.

GER/CZE 2024

***Documentary Film, 44min.*** 

Directors: Vera Weber & Benjamin Kahlmeyer
Cinematography: Benjamin Kahlmeyer
Editor: Robin Fischer, BFS
Sound Recordist: Oliver Winkler
Animation: Moritz Stumm
Sounddesign: Benjamin Kahlmeyer
Sound Mix: Jonathan Schorr
Color Grading: Jan Schöningh
Producers: Florian Fimpel & Jana Prigge
Televison Editors (NDR): Marc Brasse & Nils Greve

A co-production of DRIVE beta with NDR for ARD 


A unique journey into the heart of female bodybuilding. From southern Germany all the way to the biggest stages in Las Vegas, Nevada.


***Documentary Series, 4x 20min.*** 

Directors: Vera Weber & Benjamin Kahlmeyer
Cinematography: Benjamin Kahlmeyer
Editor: Robin Fischer, BFS
Sound Recordist: Niklas Olscha 
Writer: Vera Weber
Producer: Florian Fimpel
Televison Editors (MDR): Hannes Beßler & Roman Twork

A co-production of DRIVE beta with MDR for ARD Mediathek

They Call Us Ausländerteam

THEY CALL US AUSLÄNDERTEAM tells a story about the integrative power of sport – and chronicles the hatred faced by a unique amateur soccer team in provincial eastern Germany, where racism threatens to grow ever stronger. In four episodes, the docu-series revolves around an incident that made headlines across Germany in 2019 – and has since bonded the team into an example of true inclusion.

***Documentary Series, 4x 20min.*** 

Directors: Vera Weber & Benjamin Kahlmeyer
Cinematography: Benjamin Kahlmeyer
Editor: Robin Fischer, BFS
Sound Recordist: Niklas Olscha, David Seeberg
Writer: Vera Weber
Original Idea: Franca Fischer & Johannes Middelbeck
Redaktion: Sigrid Reuter & Vera Weber
Producers: Nadja Brandt, Flavia Rahobison, Florian Schumann
Televison Editors (MDR): Hannes Beßler, Roman Twork & Thomas Beyer
Postproduction Supervisor: Franziska Frahm
Screen Graphics: Chris Fotheringham & Herbert Müller
Executive Producers: Johannes Middelbeck & Hannes Jakobsen

Additional Music Trailer:
John Gürtler – DOG SOLDIERS OST – Youth
Sofiane – #Jesuispasséchezso Instr. (prod. by TNA)

Meanwhile in Mamelodi

Set against the raucous backdrop of the 2010 World Cup, Meanwhile in Mamelodi is a beautifully crafted portrait of a place and one family’s daily life inside it. The Mtsweni family lives in the Pretoria township of the title, in the district known as Extension 11. Their world is a ramshackle collection of corrugated tin dwellings and makeshift shops, open sewers littered with debris and red-earth rectangles filled with soccer-playing children and teens. Seventeen-year-old Moskito is one of those kids. As she studies for math tests, flirts with boys and shops with her best friend, her father Steven prepares his “tuck shop” for the promise of cash-flush tourists. Meanwhile, his wife struggles with mental illness. The Mtswenis’ lives unfold as the Cup brings new hope to the ravaged town. Extension 11 buzzes with the drone of vuvuzelas, signaling a new South Africa has arrived. Despite the poverty around her, Moskito insists this is not her parents’ country. She is the face of South Africa’s future – part of “a new generation free to do all things.” Moskito’s story is told with tremendous musicality – a sense of rhythm and vibration permeates each scene. Through a rich color palette of turquoise, gold and red, director Benjamin Kahlmeyer imbues his frame with texture and life, illustrating a potent hope emerging from the rubble. (Sara Dosa, San Francisco Film Society)

South Africa 2010/11, 74min, HD
Available with English, German & Spanish subtitles

Director: Benjamin Kahlmeyer
DoP: Stefan Neuberger
Editing: Benjamin Entrup
Producer: Boris Frank
Composer: John Gürtler & Jan Miserre
Translations: Frauke Wiegand & Thabo Thindi

HBO Emerging Artist Award – Hot Docs Toronto 2012
Nomination for Best Cinematography – Doc Planete Warsaw 2012
Nomination for Best Cinematography – German Cinematography Award 2012
Nomination Golden Key – Kasseler Film und Videofest 2011
Honorable Mention – San Francisco Film Festival 2012
Special Jury Mention for Cinematic Vision – Camden Int. Film Festival 2012
Dutch Golden Stone for Best Documentary – Scenecs Debut Film Festival 2012
Best Film „Sports&Society“ – ATLANT International Sports Film Festival 2012
Nomination for David L. Wolper Award – Int. Documentary Association, L.A. 2012
Nomination for Spotlight Award – Cinema Eye Honors 2012, NYC

The Invisibles / Die Unsichtbaren

Their arrival in Germany is not exactly a warm welcome: Asylum seekers in Brandenburg are first brought to the initial registration center in Eisenhüttenstadt. Also Wasim from Syria, Mathew from Kenya and Gedeon from Cameroon are stranded at this surreal place in the outskirts of nowhere. „The Invisibles“ follows the three men on their way through the official proceedings, the mills of detecting and decision making. A snapshot of a life on hold, between hope and uncertainty.

Germany 2014, 78min, HD
English, German & French subtitles available

A production of AV Medien Penrose and SWR with backing from MFG Filmförderung Baden-Württemberg

Director: Benjamin Kahlmeyer
DoP: Stefan Neuberger
Editing: Sabine Herpich
Sound: Jonathan Schorr
Composer: John Gürtler & Jan Miserre
Producer: Felix Eisele
Production Company: AV Medien Penrose
Production Manager: Felix Faißt
Co-Producer: Paul Zischler

Awards & Nominations:
Bürgerpreis – Nonfiktionale 2015
Nomination Max Ophüls Preis – Max Ophüls Preis 2015
Best Cinematography – SiciliAmbiente International FF 2015

Festivals & Screenings:

Max Ophüls Preis 2015, Saarbrücken
Lichter Frankfurt IFF 2015
Dokka Karlsruhe 2015
Dokfilm Woche FSK 2015, Berlin
Nonfiktionale 2015, Bad Aibling
SiciliAmbiente International Filmfestival 2015, Sicily
Margaret Mead IFF 2015, NYC
RIDM 2015, Montreal
Filmfest Bieberach 2015

Between Bridges 2015, Berlin
Cinema Excentris 2015, Montreal
SchulKinoWoche Hessen 2015
UMB Film Series 2015, Boston
Globale Mittelhessen, Marburg 2015
VERZIO Human Rights Documentary FF 2016, Budapest
Globale Film Festival, Bremen 2016
Festival of Migrant Film, Slovenia 2016
Inhabitants Film Festival 2017, Milano

Between Rounds / Zwischen den Runden

Portrait of former cuban boxing star Yoan Pablo Hernandez. Hernandez defected from the cuban national team in 2005 and stayed in Germany. Pablo’s plight is made all the worse by the fact that there is no way back after being labelled a “defector” by his homeland. Life amongst the extended family in Cuba is exchanged for a fight against isolation.

Germany 2009, 43min, English & German subtitles

Director: Benjamin Kahlmeyer
DoP: Adriana Flores-Franz
Editing: Benjamin Entrup
Composer: John Gürtler
Producer: Boris Frank
Production: Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg

Awards & Nominations:
Förderpreis der Landesbank Baden-Württemberg 2008
Best Film ‘Sports&Politics’ – Atlant Film Festival 2009, Lipetsk
Best middle-length documentary – San Diego Latin IFF 2009

Festivals & Screenings:
Mediawave Festival 2009, Kamàrom/Hungary
San Diego Latin Film Festival 2009
East Silver Jihlava 2009
Atlant Sportsfilm Festival 2009
Highlights Filmakademie Ludwigsburg 2009
Culture Unplugged Festival 2010
Luxor Film Festival 2010, Egypt

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