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The film tells the story of a young man, Yoan Pablo Hernández, who, because of his sense of duty and responsibility towards his family, decides to leave his home in Cuba. In order to enable a better life for his parents and siblings, he resolves to earn as much money as possible in far-off Germany. His biggest asset is his talent as a boxer, which has already earned him a place on the Cuban Olympic team. The price he is prepared to pay for his ambition is high. Life in Germany – were he is taken on as fresh talent by the renowned Sauerland Boxing Club is lonely and strange.   Friendships outside of the boxing ring are few and far between. A glimmer of light is Pablo’s reunion with his brother, who epitomizes him, has followed in his footsteps and also wants to settle in Germany, with the hope of furthering his career as a wrestler. Pablo’s plight is made all the worse by the fact that there is no way back after being labelled a „defector“ by his homeland and refused entry back into Cuba. Life amongst the extended family in Cuba is exchanged for a fight against isolation.


Germany 2009, 43min, HD    
Director: Benjamin Kahlmeyer
Dop: Adriana Flores-Franz
Editing: Benjamin Entrup
Composer: John Gürtler
Producer: Boris Frank




  • Förderpreis der Landesbank Baden-Württemberg 2008
  • Best Film ‚Sports&Politics‘ –
    Atlant Film Festival 2009, Lipetsk
  • Nomination for best ‚middle-length documentary‘ –
    San Diego Latin Film Festival 2009
  • Mediawave Festival 2009, Kamàrom/Hungary
  • San Diego Latin Film Festival 2009
  • East Silver Jihlava 2009
  • Atlant Sportsfilm Festival 2009
  • Highlights Filmakademie Ludwigsburg 2009
  • Culture Unplugged Festival 2010
  • Luxor Film Festival 2010, Egypt